• What about Communism?
  • Communism Roots
  • Why are so many folks seduced by communism
  • How deep are the roots of communism
  • The roots of Communism
  • A European fantasy or intellectual curiosity?
  • The political Connection
  • Idealism or Power grab?

Socialism always works until you run out of other peoples money. (Margaret Thatcher)

  • The Battle Royal between two ideological systems
  • What system works in reality?
  • Is there such a thing as Utopia?
  • Can Communism be perfected?
  • What Communism requires
  • The dance of death and destruction
  • The Vulture Scavenger Culture

Its quite peculiar that the communist apologist and ardent defenders always need a good implementer of the ideology when governments are made up fallible men and not angels. (Milton Friedman)

  • Why has communism not delivered Utopia yet?
  • What does Communism “get right”
  • Whats the missing link
  • Why giant Corporations flirt constantly with communism?
  • The destructive force in human endeavors
  • Why liberty cannot co-exist with communism
  • Freedoms larger than life enemy
  • Count down to the cannibalistic instinct of communism

Workers of the world will unite as the Proletariat and defeat the Bourgeoisie to increase solidarity and equality and control the wealth. (Karl Marx)