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For whom the bell tolls!” a famous quote from the great Gatsby writer and eccentric 20th-century poetic genius Ernest Hemingway gives us a sense of what defines his book; A masterpiece on war, love, and loyalty. While the book has a great many tales, I summarize it and bring it full circle to mean that The truth tends to have a certain ring to it! You will know it as soon as you encounter “it”.

Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum of objective reality, your disposition, ideas, ideological leanings, your biases, your history, personal beliefs, and a myriad of other situations available in this known universe. Your relationship with the truth you encounter in many aspects of your life or even outside of your daily scope comes down to a basic reality; The truth is immutable, and the truth will stare at you, and what you do with it is a conundrum on one hand or a totally different ball of wax on the other hand. Now that the framework has been set let’s dive into a pesky subject matter: Politics, that dirty word that dirty game that seems to muddy the waters every time it’s brought up in private or public conversations. Why is politics dirty as an example question? Why is the game that actually represents the daily governing of the people’s affairs, (that’s my cursory simplification of the whole political science machine we call governance?). For further inquiry, is it not true that a game is only as good as its players? As much as there is the spectacle element to the game, the players either elevate it and soar like Roman Gladiators showcasing the numerous athletic and God-like talents, or they reduce the game to its most shallow expression, due to the players’ mediocrity. And where do we, the peanut gallery or the fans watching on the sidelines make a stand; to applaud the mediocrity or to cheer on the professionalism and excellence exposed right before our very eyes? Are the players in this political theater better angels of ourselves, or are they a reflection of the spectator crowd, we the people on the sidelines watching the whole game of politics going on? What is the current truth about politics in our nation? without delving too far into the weeds; we have an almost balkanized nation that is being divided and conquered by powerful political forces using cultural Marxism of pitting one American versus another American with identity politics. Keep the people misinformed, deceived, gas-lighted, hating each other, and manipulated while the elites grab absolute unbridled power to rule forever without challenge or opposition. On one hand, we have a rising corrupt political power-grabbing elite and on the other side is the unwashed masses comprising of; we the people who are splintered into factions such as:

(A) Apathetic voters.

(B) Low information voters, who are somewhat slightly informed but don’t care to get bothered with the deep dive facts.

(C) Conscientious objectors.

(D) Partisan hacks who still believe we actually have a two-party system, also known as “aka” the true believers? (E) Well informed and skeptical but rational voters,

and finally

(F) The ghost voters, or as I call them “dead voters”, convicted felonious natives, and illegal alien voters. I’m calling the political climate a reactionary fire-starter that needs to be addressed. Faced with this dichotomy, where do we as a nation go, and where do we as ordinary people turn, to push back and fight for truth to power, which is a cornerstone for regaining our liberties or freedoms back in spades. In my casual in-depth analysis, my optimist rationale frontal brain summarizes that most American voters tend to fall into categories between (C) Conscientious Objectors and (E) Well-informed rational yet skeptical voting block. Its been a shrinking majority for decades and currently in 2022 with all the advances in technology and other social media phenomenal there’s a clear decline in any critical thinking skills in the general population, partly compounded by the crunch for time, due to economic injustice and distortions all created by a bloated bureaucratic, leviathan, tyrannical and abusive Government. When a Government becomes too big the individual people become smaller and smaller and don’t matter at all, their voices, dreams, and liberties are just a fancy footnote, like the ones you find in a fantasy sci-fiction book? These conditions are untenable, and the main focus and intensity of our responses (for those that care to fight back) are to simply apply an age-old modicum of wisdom; Hell NO!

We should galvanize in our local communities big or small and everywhere in-between. A resounding simple philosophy; NO!

Stand up push back and be counted to take your country back

We should stand up and push back and say, no. An absolute resolute NO. A huge no to big government abuses, no to dirty politicians such as demagogues, liars, and scoundrels. Both, corrupted political parties, are generously populated with these kinds of scoundrels in droves. And one party more so than the other.The degree of corruption or style corruption is the only real difference between the “so called two-party” system. I could care less if a politician is a frog, a turtle, or a horse, if you speak plainly, tell the truth about your vision, goals, and leadership style and follow the constitution, I will cautiously vote for you regardless of what kind of creature you pretend to be. No, to state surveillance, the government and its executive agencies should protect American rights, not spy willy nilly and make us your targets based on flimsy reasons and without due process or probable cause. No, to economic distortions with favors ONLY going one way, Corporate welfare for the large well-funded companies. No to higher taxes, we have been taxed enough already, so no more uncle Sam, no to my bread and butter I worked for it, and it’s mine NOT yours! No to favoritism of one group over another (I thought I heard the constant drumbeat of “equality” from certain corners of leftist thought? Whatever the “equality” means? Hello somebody? Certainly I’m not hearing voices inside my head?). No to profligate spending by folks who don’t know diddly squat about Mathematics or Economics and that goes for all the drunken sailors on cocaine, Albuterol, and smoked glue after traveling 4 months at sea. No, to mortgaging our kids and our grand-kids futures with “built-in-Debt” to the tune of between $65,000 to $100,000 per American child, for kids born between 2010-2030 (and that is a generous number, rough estimate, to say the least without taking into account all other variables, such as inflation, deflation, interest payments on foreign debts, etc just to mention a shortlist). No! to failing disgraceful indoctrinating schools that teach our future generations to hate their own country that birthed them with life liberty and the fruits of hard work and ingenuity? No the communist infested Colleges that have now become institutions of socialist-communist Marxist indoctrination instead of “institutions of higher learning” where a student should be exposed to all manner of political & scientific philosophy and allowed the space to analyze and research independently and come up with their own best conclusions, using time-tested critical thinking skills based on reason, logic, facts and related excellence in intellectual exploration. No, to stolen sovereignty, love America? Welcome to these United States of America! Use the front door and wait in line until we get to you and your unique case? By the way, we Americans have the right to say no, to foreigners that want to come and stay here? Not everyone is welcome, it’s a case-by-case basis or a merit-based system. We all love and want a melting pot not a chaotic laughing stock of the world. No, to Judicial supremacy, Justices must do their job and its very simple; follow the facts, swear an oath to defend the constitution as written, and adjudicate court cases based on facts, logic, reason, and fairness based on Constitutionality, not your feelings or popular opinions or personal preferences. This is my pet peeve with the “lawyers in Black robes” You want to legislate and you think you have the brains and charisma and mountainous ego to implement policy or articulate new case law precedence; do us all a favor, run for office take your black rob off and stop pretending to be a scholar of constitutional jurisprudence. Save us all your bench shenanigans and let’s see you run for political office at many different levels and leave the court system to dedicated public servants who swear an oath to defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies! Kindly run and spare us your demi-god complexes, you are not a Greek-god just another man or woman who went to law school passed the bar exams and has an opinion with explicit and implicit biases built-in to your psychology or psyche. And therein is the naked truth folks; No is the answer to the climate we are confronted with. No!

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