Provocateurs who make you think

Amazing tour of the digital landscape

Uploading critical info into your brain the antidote to propaganda.

In today’s world if you want to be well informed and entertained you must unplug from the matrix of fake news delivered to your screen by dinosaur corporate government monopolistic propaganda media machine.

Explore Radioactive ideas

Unfiltered uncensored thought experiments in the art of Political Science for the news Junkie and Curious minds. No sacred cows or idols just radical radioactive ideas. Proceed with caution:

Brilliant and insightful work by a real digital soldier and journalist, who digs deeper and does the in-depth work the lame puppet brains at corporate media wont do.

Sharp insightful real world news. Facts, Data, Well researched, curated and hard hitting. Think of it as if you were stepping into a lions den! Not for the faint of heart or feeble minded folks who are plugged into the Matrix of bliss and ignorance.

Well established main stream titan whose ethos leans dead center. The Heritage organization has a stellar record of attracting great institutionally talented writers and researchers.

There is no bigger platform of thinkers both pseudo-intellectuals and original intellectuals on well researched topics, from scientific, controversial and the benign.

Politics flows from culture

Uncle from the Jungle pulls no punches by providing a counter narrative to Pop Culture with grit, wit, Satire and stamina of an old soul humorist. Extreme Free Speech expert.