Dear Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

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Dear Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

January 28th 2022.

As I write this impassioned letter to you, Naomi, I would like to sympathize with you about your mental health issues that have had you withdraw from critical Grand Slam and highly regarded Tennis tournaments. As much as I empathize with you, I have some thoughts, sentiments, and suggestions that I would like to share and make all of us, from the outside looking into your pristine athletic world understand and appreciate.

You are making north of $30 million dollars per year not counting all the endorsements and extra perks that come with being the world’s premier ladies tennis player, hands down you are an exceptional talent!

Modern Era Phenom and Ladies World Champion Naomi Osaka

Do you have an idea how many ladies or gentlemen are privileged enough to play tennis or any professional sports at a high level and earn a living beyond the imagination of the mind?

 I’m a little concerned about a few things if you may indulge me for a few moments.

What is it that is bothering you so much that you would lose focus and intensity on the tennis court? Are you making “too” much money and therefore you “feel guilty?” Or have you become caught up in the “woke culture” and “social justice” warrior nonsense that is only exposing the real underbelly of our dying western civilization culture.

I think it would serve you best if you could stay clear and far away from “social justice wokeness”, to help you to not get distracted from your true passion; playing tennis and all the great adventures it affords you! If you care that much about certain issues, I suggest, that you, miss Naomi Osaka go into the communities and put your money where your mouth goes. Because if you do not put your money where your heartfelt concerns lie, you will end up like the typical Twitter mob justice cowards. Who only have courage typing behind the anonymity of a keyboard and an online façade with no real-world accomplishment worth writing or speaking about. These mob mentality folks are poisoning the conversation that is long overdue, because there’s a real plight in many poor urban communities. And typing about courage or “wearing masks as a sign of solidarity or selflessness is not courage at all”. I implore you to not join the community that consists of lackey’s, spineless jokers, and anarchists, who lack courage, moral clarity and an adherence to basic objective truths. Whether these truths are based on  scientific, philosophical, moral, and spiritual facts. Remember, that being an elite athlete is an elevated outstanding position, so be wise with your power. You are only human but you carry immense responsibility, its a blessing and a curse! Do you see yourself as a victim of the fame obsessed culture, or are you overwhelmed with what it takes to be a great champion?

I know, generally speaking, it’s a taboo to compare great champions from different eras. However, I do remember one thing, about a few champions. Take a short walk with me in a time capsule, assuming you’re not ragingly mad and pissed off at my pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly the good stuff, so bear with me.

Look at the past great Champions and how focused they were at showing toughness, grit, tenacity, and ingenuity. The best quality and common thread of all great tennis champions; Mental Toughness!

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Dear Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

January 28th 2022. As I write this impassioned letter to you, Naomi, I would like to sympathize with you about your mental health issues that