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Small town country big time beauty

Burkesville the vibrant small town with imagination

Mountains and tall trees provide a lush environment for country lovers

Pikeville tucked away on Kentucky’s far east as you approach West Virginia and Tennessee to the south, a hidden gem


 A touch of Indiana and all out Ohioan made, it doesnt get better for  small town with a big heart

Greenville is like the kind of small town you know is itching to grow fast and expand beyond any ones expectations

West Union and just when you think you have seen small towns with big ambitions then you encounter West Union

Ironton and you have seen a lush small hidden gem inside the vast plains of Ohio


Natural beauty and if lake Michigan expanded into an ocean this town would be the most exquisite competing with Sonoma Valley and beaches of California

Exactly higher than the Equator and feels like beautiful rural Canada this is a wild natures island

Harrisville the cross roads between pristine forest and water ways of Canada and USA like the best no mans land you will ever cross

The town has a name similar to one of our past Presidents and is smack dub in the middle of beach land further west and still has a small town touch and feel.