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Secrets Of the American dream

A quirky chronological look at history through the lens of modern day dynamics. How long has the American dream been around and is it a real thing or just an idealistic smoke-screen? Tangible achievable or illusory?

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Making sense of a world gone wildly insane

A by-gone era, a restless obsession with the “good old days” if there ever was such a thing? When you are living in a virtual reality or simulated consciousness its easy to understand life through the rear view mirror. Is anything real nowadays?

Free thinkers deal with reality and decide to shape and mold the future

Free and independent thinkers look at the facts in front of them, interpret their meanings and look for a way to take actionable steps based on the data. Delusional folks blessed with grandeur and denialism will work to manipulate facts to suit their world view, rather re-write history as a means of distortion that jives and comports to a new reality?

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behind the scenes

The magazine that will challenge your commonly held perceptions.


Lets think for a sec

Collective brains operating independently before coalescing into common sense.


America, idea or Country

What is and what does it mean to be an American


Experience the bizzaro world

The crossroads are here we are all in it and the fork in the road is asking us.

A great tour of the American landscape

Want a pulse on the American heartbeat?

Dear Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

January 28th 2022. As I write this impassioned letter to you, Naomi, I would like to sympathize with you about your mental health issues that

amazing things you didn't know about politics

Self governance is a thing. And representative form of governance is a vital role to keep society cogent unified prosperous and peaceful. So why is politics a dirty little game?