A Republic if you can keep it!

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As the story goes; one of our great founding fathers, the brilliant Benjamin Franklin had just stepped outside the independence hall on the final day of the constitutional convention of 1787, where the continental delegates had gathered to a vigorous debate to mesh out the American constitution, and a lady by the name of Elizabeth Willing Powell who happened to be a colonial Philadelphia socialite and activist screamed on top of her lungs and asked: “What do we have, a Republic or Monarchy?”

“A Republic if you can keep it!” replied Benjamin Franklin.

Pledge your sacred honor and allegiance to the American ideal?

Every time I get a chance to visit the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, and walk on those hallowed grounds at the independence Hall, and hear Liberty bell being rung or casually observed, I get goosebumps and marvel at the beauty of the rambunctious, civil, thoughtful and philosophical wisdom that came about to negotiate and write down the best constitution known to mankind worldwide. Enshrined in it, the articles of independence to ratify the constitution and the bill of rights.

Hallowed Assembly Room inside independence hall where the declaration of independence was articulated and signed. Photo Courtesy of NPS

As a concerned citizen who loves America dearly from the east coast to the west coast and down south to the Midwest plains and great lakes, near and far between these united States of America, the language, the culture, and her people of multi-ethnic diverse backgrounds a true melting pot! I want to see America shine like a city on a hilltop. Freedom and Economic justice for all Americans no exceptions and no special carve-outs for any group; One nation under the creator as all men are created equal with certain unalienable rights: being Life Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If you love America, her freedoms, the culture of rule of law, and adhering to the sacred constitution handed down to us on a bedrock of rugged individualism, entrepreneurial enterprise, free speech, and can-do-spirit regardless of the challenges; then help us get back to our beloved country before we lose everything in our current generation and our kids and kids grand-kids will not recognize this once great nation that conquered fascism, totalitarian communism and the ravages of abject poverty across the world through capitalism and free-market principles. As one wise man once said: “Make America Great Again!!”

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